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22 months ago zhangmingyuan240 add history file supportdefault tip
2011-07-08 catherine MySQL table names are case sensitive
2011-06-29 catherine fixed \dt for mysql, postgresql; ls base table still failing
2011-02-01 catherine handling md5 import for py2.4
2011-01-31 catherine Fix do_comments bug
2011-01-25 catherine removing unused resolve()
2010-11-20 Catherine Devlin accept suffix on SHOW PARAM also
2010-11-20 Catherine Devlin show finally working on mysql
2010-11-18 Catherine Devlin show fixed for pgsql
2010-11-13 Catherine Devlin more pyscopg2 connection defaults
2010-11-10 catherine guessing! that pymysql uses qmark
2010-11-10 catherine fix missing paramstyle; still missing mysql
2010-11-10 catherine need to track dbapiext
2010-11-09 Catherine Devlin Added tag 1.7.2 for changeset 69997c324eb9
2010-11-09 Catherine Devlin
2010-11-03 Catherine Devlin column autocomplete working
2010-11-02 catherine working out kinks in big merge
2010-11-02 catherine trying to merge with rev 507
2010-11-02 catherine fix case in oracle queries
2010-11-02 catherine didn't have dbapiext under vc
2010-09-24 catherine tab completion semi-repaired
2010-09-24 catherine fixed body ddl for packages
2010-09-24 catherine lambdas for calling code objects
2010-09-23 catherine raise NotImplemented for graceful failure
2010-09-23 catherine only one case converter per db adapter
2010-09-22 catherine name1 match ok in postgres
2010-09-22 catherine ls beginning to work on postgresql
2010-09-22 catherine allow oracle-style logon on non-oracle db
2010-09-22 catherine -all implied for many functions
2010-09-22 catherine ls working on Oracle
2010-09-21 catherine switch instance with bare connection number prefix
2010-11-01 Catherine Devlin new sakila mysql tests
2010-11-01 Catherine Devlin grep working in mysql
2010-10-30 Catherine Devlin find source working in pgsql
2010-10-27 Catherine Devlin all_object_qry works in mysql
2010-10-27 Catherine Devlin first try at switching postgres query to dbapiext form
2010-09-15 Catherine Devlin wildcards in find -c
2010-09-14 Catherine Devlin starting logontests
2010-09-14 Catherine Devlin fixing uri connect problems
2010-09-08 Catherine Devlin doc fix'
2010-09-07 Catherine Devlin DatabaseInstance methods return cursors
2010-09-07 catherine working on column_qry for postgresql
2010-09-07 catherine most oracle refactors done
2010-09-07 catherine desc refactored
2010-09-07 catherine desc refactored
2010-09-06 catherine findAll working
2010-09-06 catherine refactoring underway, but suppress failing
2010-09-05 catherine pared down connections.py
2010-08-25 Catherine Devlin don't get stuck if error during exit-commit
2010-08-25 Catherine Devlin escape $ in names of schema objects sought
2010-08-05 catherine beginning move to Gerald 0.4
2010-06-30 catherine check for any database adapters
2010-05-19 Catherine Devlin preserve exception on connections
2010-03-18 catherine (none)
2010-03-12 catherine temporarily package gerald patch for convenience
2010-03-12 catherine setuptools optional
2010-03-11 cat begin design notes
2010-03-09 catherine stopped removing colon_between_username_and_password
2010-03-05 catherine fix home finder to work with windows
2010-03-05 catherine connect problem unfixed